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Find answers to your frequently asked questions about Length of Service Award Programs (LOSAPs) for your volunteer firefighters.

A: Similar to a retirement program, a LOSAP is designed to retain and reward volunteers for their service to the community. VFIS has provided LOSAP administration and technical knowledge since 1983. With our package of services and products, volunteers can focus on what they do best – protecting the community.

A: Offering a LOSAP would provide:

  • Lump sum benefit - At retirement (or termination of service).
  • Death benefit - Accumulated funds paid to beneficiary.
  • Disability benefit - Accumulated funds may be distributed.

A: Each year the sponsor contributes to the plan on behalf of each eligible volunteer. These funds, plus accumulated interest (less administrative fees), equal the participants balance. The benefit is payable upon death or retirement.


  1. Volunteers
    1. Death and disability protection for the family
    2. Retirement income
  2. Emergency service organizations
    1. Retain current volunteers
    2.  Increase participation
    3. Recruit new volunteers
    4. Eligibility criteria allow organizations to focus critical areas
  3. Community
    1. Volunteers may be considered the most-cost effective protection available to the community.
    2. There is a sense of security by offering adequate protection for the citizens

A: LOSAP group annuity products are underwritten by Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company, with its principal place of business in Springfield, Massachusetts.

A: Implementing a LOSAP can provide significant savings to municipalities that are otherwise associated with paying salaries and benefits for full-time firefighters. LOSAPs offer financial rewards to volunteers for community service, which encourages volunteer retention.

A: A defined contribution plan allows the ESO to contribute a recurring amount to the eligible volunteer’s LOSAP account. A defined benefit provides a guaranteed benefit from which the annual premium may change based on actuarial tables.