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Rules of Engagement: Incident Commander Level

“Rules of Engagement” is an initiative developed by the International Association of Fire Chief’s Safety, Health and Survival Section. The goal is to help educate individuals in the fire service industry how to make it home from emergency events.

Tailboard Safety Tips

Name Link
Extend vigilant and measured risk View Download
Offer firefighter rehab services View Download
Rapid intervention team View Download
Considerations for little or no progress toward fire control View Download
Maintain accurate accountability View Download
Obtain frequent progress reports View Download
Maintain two-way communications View Download
Act upon reported unsafe practices View Download
Limited risk to protect savable property View Download
Lives/property that can't be saved View Download
Consider a defensive strategy View Download
Conduct an initial risk assessment View Download
Determine the occupant survival profile View Download
Conduct or obtain a 360-degree situational size up View Download